15 Powerful Pictures That Can Touch Even an Incorrigibly Cynical Person

Some pictures are worth a thousand words. Such photographs make people think about their lives and sometimes even motivate them to take action. The pictures in this article are exactly like this: they’ll touch your heart and really make you think about what you value!

Bright Side found 15 powerful pictures that tell a story and will impress even the most cynical person.

1. This cute animal is called a Vaquita and they live in the northern Gulf of California. There are only 12 of them left.

© p_please_respond/reddit

2. “I gave a girl in my Malagasy village a small Lego set. She came back and asked if what she made was OK.”

© theletterlthreetimes/reddit

3. Pieces of the Moon and Mars in an Earthling’s hand

© anonccengineer/reddit

4. A single mother of 5 children managed to graduate from law school. “We did it!”

© Richard Holman

5. The last minutes of life of the world’s last male northern white rhino

© Ami Vitale

6. Pro football player Don Jones took a teen with Down Syndrome to her prom.

© gangbangkang/reddit

7. A dog hugging its owner

© Pnhan89/reddit

8. Forgotten childhood

© Zlaya.Boroda/pikabu

9. 58 years of progress

© Adr_H132/reddit

10. A man wearing a Mickey Mouse costume stopped to look at expensive cars.

© Loma/pikabu

11. “I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 14 years and finally got to photograph my own beautiful bride.”

© Gustlock/reddit

12. “Our cow wasn’t feeling well last night. So my son went outside to spend time with her. I woke up in the morning and found this:”

© ybeaver7/reddit

13. “My mom was pregnant with me so she missed her senior prom. 18 years later, I took her to mine.”

© GodDamnYouDee/reddit

14. “She brought all of her toys over so the mirror doggy could play with them.”

© LeungGraeme9/reddit

15. A Statue in Berlin of “Politicians Discussing Global Warming”

© Noerdy/reddit

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