21 Heartwarming Family Photos That Prove Genes Can Work Wonders

When a child is born, the family starts to argue over whether or not the baby looks more like the dad or the mom. The relatives start looking for similarities between the baby and the parents. But sometimes, you don’t even need to look for them because a child and a parent at the same age are practically the same. Just like the people from this compilation.

We at Bright Side are amazed at how lazy nature sometimes is when it just copies a person it had already made before. It can be unbelievable!

1. Mother and daughter at the same age

© cinecurtis / Imgur

2. Even the look can be inherited from a great-grandmother.

3. “My mother and me, both at age 15.”

© 2percentGreen / Reddit

4. “My dad and I at the same age (28)”

© AndreiJikh / Reddit

5. When even the facial expression is the same:

© Jamabope / Reddit